Costa-Rican Berlina

Costa-Rican Berlina

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Costa-Rican Berina

Sweet, clean and citric with chocolate and lemon flavors.

About 2,000 smallholder producers in the region delivered cherry to the Beneficio La Eva, S.A., to create this lot. The average farmer owns about 4 hecatres of land, and the majority of the growers in this area have Caturra and Catuai plants. They deliver their coffee in cherry form to the mill as in most of Costa Rica, and there the coffee is sorted, mechanically demucilaged and fermented for 6 hours, and washed twice before being laid on patios in the sun to dry for 36 hours.

Product Details:

·         Country                              Costa Rica

·         Region                                Cañuela, Naranjo, West Valley

·         Farm                                   2,000 smallholder producers

·         Variety                                Caturra, Catuai

·         Altitude                              1000–1400 masl

·         Proc. Method                    Washed