Columbian Maragogype

Columbian Maragogype

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Columbian Maragogype

Mild, sweet and clean with cocoa, toffee and citrus.

Blanca Lidia Gómez de Burbano owns the 1-hectare farm she calls La Laja, where she grows Maragogype coffee trees. After picking the coffee when the cherries are ripened to a purple color, Lidia begins what she calls a double fermentation: First the cherries are left in a hopper overnight, then they are depulped the next day and fermented for 12 or 13 hours. The coffee is washed twice to remove the mucilage, and then dried in the sun for 8–15 days.


Product Details:


·         Country                      Colombia

·         Region                        Chaguarurco, La Unión, Nariño

·         Farm                           La Laja

·         Variety                       Maragogype

·         Altitude                      1817 masl

·         Proc. Method           Washed

·         Harvest Schedule    May–August