Specialty Coffees

Special coffees

Columbian Maragogype

Columbian MaragogypeMild, sweet and clean with cocoa, toffee and citrus.Blanca Lidia Gómez de Burb..



PanamanianPanama Coffee is tasty as a varietal and superb in various blends. The Boquete region pro..



EthiopianSweet and clean with big tart acidity and a smooth mouthfeel; very fruity and floral with ..


Cuban Serrano

Cuban SerranoGrown and cultivated under the forest canopies of the Sierra Maestra Mountains. Cuba ..


Columbian Pink Bourbon

Columbian Pink BourbonCaramel, green grape and savory fruit with intense winey acidityPink Bourbon..


Costa-Rican Berlina

Costa-Rican BerinaSweet, clean and citric with chocolate and lemon flavors. About 2,000 smallholde..


Lake Toba Honey Processed

Lake Toba Honey Processedapples and a cider like aftertaste whilst still having the unmistakable b..


Peruvian FTO

Peruvian FTOSweet with fruit acidity and a smooth mouthfeel; toffee, apple and chocolate flavors. ..


Bali Krishna

Bali KrishnaFlavor notes: Chocolate, Grapefruit, Peat, ToffeeBig bodied, if you want to brew a cu..


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